Individual Make-up Lessons

Invest in yourself

Learn to love make-up with a 1:1 make-up lesson 

This is a great way to learn how to style your make-up to suit you. It's your own private masterclass. You will learn some professional techniques picking up some hints and tips along the way. Suitable for the novice who wants to learn new ways of applying make-up, or for someone who uses make-up on a daily basis but wants a new look.

I help you gain confidence using cosmetic products and make-up tools. Developing a routine and look that works for you. The lesson takes anything between 1-2 hours and includes:

  • A make-up bag check
  • Skin care regime
  • Step by step full make-up application
  • An opportunity to purchase products used during the lesson
  • A guide to take home
  • Complimentary bottle of Prosecco     

If you want to know more as to how I can help you why not book a free 15 minute consultation by clicking the button on my home page. Or don't hesitate to contact me for more information.