Full Image Consultation

Full Image Consultation

Are you fed up with the way you look? Do you look in the mirror and wonder how to inject some wow back into your wardrobe?  

Why have an Image Consultation?

Some of my clients come to me initially to find out about colour and many of my clients really want to get the whole picture. They  struggle to know which colours look best, but are not sure which styles to choose either. When it comes to buying and applying make-up it seems like a minefield. 

In a full image consultation, you will be given a top to toe image makeover which will transform how you look and feel. If you’d like to make the most of yourself and start looking and feeling fabulous, this is the consultation for you.

This service combines my three most popular consultations to give you the complete image makeover. You’ll find that looking and feeling fabulous every day is easier than you think. The consultation works through your image at work, if appropriate and at home including daytime and evening. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to be able to dress with confidence whatever the situation and includes:

  • A colour consultation where you will discover the right colour pallet that suits your natural colouring.
  • A style consultation where you will learn all about the right clothes for your body shape, style personality and how to wear and co-ordinate them. 
  • A make-up lesson where you will learn about skin care and make-up application and advised on what works for you along with professional hints and tips.

A colour wallet and style guide is included and takes approximately 3 hours.    

To see how I can work with you please go to my home page and click on the free 15 min consultation button. Or for a no-obligation chat or to make a booking, please contact me.