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Merry Christmas

By Carol | Dec 10, 2019

    What do you buy someone who appears to have everything? As I have got older there is less and less that I want, apart from a Yacht, Mansion and Diamonds. Back to reality, my daughter asked for gift ideas for me. I had a think and suggested an experience like the ones you can buy from sites like Virgin experience or some currency for our holiday to Costa Rica in the new year. Unfortunately, this didn’t go down very well. So I have no idea what I’ll be getting, I love a surprise. I don’t know about you

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Christmas Party Dress

By Carol | Nov 9, 2019

With December fast approaching, the time has come to find the best Christmas party dress. Crystals, feathers and metallics are all key ingredients of the party season look. If you are looking to make a scene-stealing entrance, Naomi Smart British Vogue advises that you should choose head-to-toe white, the eye-catching palette of the moment. But not all of us can wear white and look good! Or black come to think of it. But never fear there are lot’s of colour’s to choose from which will look fabulous on you. There is an 80’s revival with a taffeta bow-tied mini dresses

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The language of clothes

By Carol | Nov 8, 2019

Clothing is one of our physiological needs. We need them to help protect us from the elements and keep our dignity. However, clothes can say a lot about a person, how they feel, who they are and so on. Without realising it, our clothes talk a language and tell others stories about us. Because of this it’s important to be mindful of what you select to wear. This is particularly important if you are an entrepreneur, or you are looking for a promotion or your business is you. You may be stuck with your look. You want something different but

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